Family Worship Guides

Training Hearts Teaching Minds is one of my favorite resources for family worship. Using one question from the Shorter Catechism each week, you will guide your children each day through scripture and the doctrines of the Reformed tradition. Great for those who are just starting off in family worship or for those who are seasoned pros. This can be used a la carte or in conjunction with a longer scripture and singing time.

The Family Worship Book by Terry L. Johnson is a good option for those who want a very structured and thorough book on family worship. This is for the detailed oriented parent and may overwhelm those who are not detail oriented.

Pastor Marcellino’s valuable booklet is back in print. Full of biblical support for family worship, historical precedents, and simple suggestions on how to carry it out. Though brief, this booklet offers straightforward guidance for structuring your family worship times. A great tool for those who wish to win the hearts of their children.

 Books on the importance of family worship

Joel R. Beeke presents a heartfelt plea for the renewal of family worship in Christian homes. The family is modeled after the very being of God, providing a divine foundation for family worship from creation. This is not a mere idealistic suggestion for the godly family, but is presented in Scripture as a solemn duty. With great pastoral care, the author gives valuable insights into implementing family worship, answers common objections raised against it, and motivates the reader to follow through with it faithfully.

Family Driven Faith equips Christian parents with the tools they need to raise children biblically in a post-Christian, anti-family society. Voddie Baucham, who with his wife has overcome a multi-generational legacy of broken and dysfunctional homes, shows that God has not left us alone in raising godly children. He has given us timeless precepts and principles for multi-generational faithfulness, especially in [esvignore]Deuteronomy 6[/esvignore]. God’s simple command to Moses to teach the Word diligently to the children of Israel serves as the foundation of Family Driven Faith.

In A Neglected Grace Pastor Jason Helopoulos graciously calls church leaders and individual members to reclaim the practice of family worship as a glorious expression of our Christian faith. This indispensable means of grace directs our families to seek and enjoy the love and beauty of Christ daily.

A classic book on the importance of an often-neglected duty, Thoughts on Family Worship by James W. Alexander focuses on the many benefits of daily worship as it strengthens minds and cultivates personal piety among both parents and children. The author further shows how family worship influences our churches and society, perpetuating sound doctrine and leaving a legacy for posterity. Alexander gives practical directions for conducting family worship, discussing in detail such things as the place of Scripture reading, prayer, and praise. He is aware, however, of the difficulties of maintaining family worship and answers several common objections to it. If you struggle to hold times of worship with your family, or even if you simply desire some encouragement in the practice, this book is sure to provide the words of counsel you need. In the hurry of our great cities, it is painful to observe the preference given to mammon over God